Dedicated to developing new hiPSC based cell therapy products

UniXell is an innovative pharmaceutical company specialized in developing new hiPSC based cell therapy products.

Since the foundation in 2021, Unixell has developed multiple key technology platforms, including somatic cell reprogramming platform, stem cell differentiation platform, high-precision gene editing platform and the patented SISBAR lineage tracing technology. With these platforms and an excellent scientist team, Unixell focuses on unmet medical needs, including neurodegenerative diseases and rare diseases. We have developed our best-in-class HiDAP technology for research and development for cellular medicines on Parkinson's disease and other CNS indications.

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    High proportion of PhD in leadership team

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    GMP Facility and office areas

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Based on leading technology, develop innovative stem cell therapy strategies. relieve patients' suffering and promote human health and well-being.

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